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A complete solution for validating International Bank Account Numbers (IBAN) and calculating IBAN from domestic bank code and account numbers. Manual Web Interface, REST and SOAP WSDL API

  • International standard for identifying account numbers
  • Validate the integrity and correctness of an IBAN
  • Identify BIC and Bank Details
  • Identify SEPA reachability and schema support

A single source solution for global bank code validation. Our bank directory provides bank code identification for over 190 countries worldwide. A fast and simple REST API offers quick and seamless integration of the service in your software. Service validate and identify bank codes for many country specific clearing systems such as:

  • United States ABA Routing Numbers
  • Canada Transit Numbers
  • Japan Zengin System
  • China CNAPS
and much more.


A powerful solution for validating BIC and bank details from the S.W.I.F.T. official data. Manual Web Interface and REST API

  • ISO 9362:2014 compliance
  • Search the BIC Database
  • Check BIC operational status
  • Identify bank and branch information from BIC

SortWare: Web Portal & Rest API

A specialized payment validation service for United Kingdom and Ireland sort code and account numbers. Web Interface and REST API

  • Validate the integrity of sort code and account numbers
  • Lookup issuing bank and branch by sort code
  • Detect payment schema support: BACS, CHAPS, FPS, Direct Debit, C&CC
  • Generate an IBAN from sort code and account number
sort code and bank account validation

EISCD Data File

Provides a copy of the Extended Industry Sort Codes Directory (EISCD) containing bank and branch information along with sort codes any Payment Schemes provided by BACS. Different systems require different file downloading methods. To provide maximum flexibility, we offer the three common ways to download the EISCD files.

  • Around 20 000 sort codes and 400 banks
  • Updated Weekly or Monthly
  • Download Automation (via Web API & Secure FTP)
  • Manual Download via Web Portal Interface
  • Multiple formats supported: TXT, XML, CSV and XLS

EISCD Data File


A SaaS service providing an API for validating and identification of European VAT numbers

  • Validate the formatting, length and integrity of VAT numbers
  • Identify name of the VAT registered entity.
  • Identify status of the VAT entity, active/inactive.
  • Identify the billing address of VAT entity.
sort code and bank account validation