IBAN News & Updates

  • 19 December 2022

    Annual SSL Certificate Renewal

    A notice for our annual SSL certificate renewal for api.iban.com

    Current certificate is due to expire on 29 January 2023
    We have renewed our certificate until 2 Jan 2024 accordingly.
    The new certificate will be deployed on 29th December 2022

    Clients should not be impacted unless their integration requires downloading and storing the certificate locally on their servers.
    Most, integrations do not store the certificate locally but exchange it through regular HTTPS requests.
    If you are storing the certificate locally for some reason, we are including the new certificate in this email so you can replace it to avoid SSL errors during your API calls after the renewal.

    New SSL certificate can be retrieved from: https://www.iban.com/files/ssl/api.iban.com.crt

    Kind Regards, Support Team www.iban.com

  • 16 May 2022

    New BIC Validation API

    We have released a new version of the BIC Validation Service API.
    The key changes from the previous version are:
    - Optimized response structure ( less data fields with the same level of detail ).
    - Faster response time.
    - HTTP status codes and custom error codes.
    - Improvements in response time.

    You can review the documentation of the new version of the API at:

    Our clients can find the new version endpoints in your client area and in the documentation.

  • 21 March 2022

    New Pricing

    We've recently reviewed and made changes to the pricing for some of our services and plans.

    The new pricing will come in effect from From 1 July 2022.
    You can find the updated product pricing below:

    Service Name
    Service Plan
    IBAN Suite
    430 EUR
    IBAN Suite Business
    1300 EUR
    IBAN Suite
    2100 EUR
    IBAN Suite Enterprise
    3800 EUR
    Bank Suite
    200,000 queries
    9500 EUR
    BIC Validation
    3200 EUR
    2500 EUR
    EISCD Download
    Monthly Update
    1800 EUR
    EISCD Download
    Weekly Update
    2200 EUR

    All prices are in EUR and without VAT/TAX.

  • 31 January 2022

    SSL Provider Change

    We are changing our SSL provider for our API service at api.iban.com.

    Currently, we were using LetsEncrypt, however the short expiration of the certificates causes inconvenience for some of our users.

    In an effort to eliminate such inconveniences and provide a secure and easy to integrate service, we have decided change our SSL provider.
    Our new provider is DigiCert and the certificate is valid for 12 months.

    The new certificate will be deployed on 5th February 2022

    If you are not storing the api.iban.com SSL certificate locally, you will not be impacted.

    If you are storing the certificate locally for some reason, please feel free to find it below in this email.

    Kind Regards, Support Team www.iban.com

  • 14 September 2021

    IMPORTANT: JAVA SSL Compatibility

    We have identified an issue of some older JAVA versions with our SSL certificate provider LetsEncrypt.

    The issue is caused by a missing root certificate in older versions of the JDK which do not trust a root certificate called ISRG Root X1.

    We advise all clients using JAVA to access our API to review this article:

    Please also check your client's compatibility here:

    You may experience issues establishing secure connections to our service if you do not have the ISRG Root X1 certificate installed.

    Please feel free to contact our technical team at contact@iban.com if you need any assistance with this.

  • 11 December 2020

    SEPA Instant Credit Transfer - SCT Inst support

    Our IBAN Suite service now supports detection of SEPA Instant Credit Transfer ( SCT Inst ) reachability.
    To preserve backward compatibility, we have not added the SCT Inst marker to the standard output of the API.
    It will be part of the standard response in the next API version
    You may get the SCT Inst data by adding 'sci=1' to your API query.

    GET Example:

    POST Example:
    curl "https://api.iban.com/clients/api/v4/iban/" \
    -X POST \
    -d format=json \
    -d api_key=[YOUR_API_KEY] \
    -d iban=DE46500700100927353010
    -d sci=1

    When this parameter is added the 'sepa_data' object will contain a SCI flag which indicates YES or NO for SEPA SCT Inst reachability.

    If you need any assistance with accessing this feature, please feel free to contact our support team.

  • 08 September 2020

    Important: API URL/subdomain change

    Due to our upcoming upgrades to deploy more powerful server infrastructure some changes to the API access URLs will be introduced in the beginning of next year.

    Currently, API requests can be made to both www.iban.com and api.iban.com subdomains.
    After 31 December 2020 the APIs will not be accessible through www.iban.com but only through api.iban.com
    All API calls sent through www.iban.com and not api.iban.com will fail after 31 December 2020.

    It is important to check your integration and update the URL accordingly to avoid any disruptions after the end of the year.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team.

  • 28 July 2020

    Denmark and Israel domestic account number validation now supported

    Our service is now able to validate domestic bank account numbers for Denmark and Israel.
    Both countries are using a complex method of validating account numbers where each individual bank has it's own method of validation.
    With the help of a few new data provider partnerships, we are now able to accurately detect and perform validation on each respective bank in those countries.

    This validation is now available in the following services:
    - IBAN Suite: Validation & Calculation
    - Bank Suite: Global Bank Validation

  • 23 January 2020

    Egypt officially adopts IBAN

    Since January 2020, Egypt has officially become an IBAN country.
    With the kind support of the Central Bank of Egypt, we have added full IBAN validation and support in our system for Egyptian IBANs.

    Our clients using the IBAN Suite service, will now be able to validate IBANs from Egypt

    IBAN Support Team

  • 25 September 2019

    New Website on sortcodes.co.uk

    We have launched a new wesite design for our sort code related services.
    The new website provides easier navigation, more readable content and updated documentation and product information.
    Please feel free to explore the new design at www.sortcodes.co.uk.

  • 21 June 2019

    New Service: Bank Suite Global Validation

    After almost a year of planning and development we are releasing our new service called "BankSuite".
    The BankSuite service is designed to fill the gaps which the IBAN validation leaves for countries not using the IBAN standard (United States, India, Australia, China, Canada ...) .
    The BankSuite provides a REST API which validates bank codes and account numbers for a total of 195 countries, 60,000 financial institutions and 950,000 branches.
    Some of the key features are:
    - Lookup of bank and branch data for bank codes worldwide
    - Validating bank codes with multi-layer validation
    - Validating domestic account numbers with multi layer validation
    - Reverse lookups to find the clearing code/bank code by a given BIC code.

    The new service is powered by a global banking directory which is constantly updated to provide maximum coverage and accuracy in the global market.

    Lean more on our Bank Suite product page.

  • 02 April 2019

    New Service: Forex Reference Suite

    We are happy to announce a new Currency Exchange Rates and Currency Converter API service.
    The new Forex Reference Suite service provides Currency Exchange Rates data through a lite and simple REST API.
    You may feel free to review the service details and key features at our product page
    A detailed developer documentation for both APIs for retrieving currency rates and converting currencies is available at:

    Exchange Rates Documentation
    Currency Converter Documentation

  • 08 December 2018

    Introducing Vatican City State IBAN

    Added support for the newly introduced IBANs issued by banks from Vatican City State (the Holy See), effective of March 1, 2019.
    Vatican City will join and become a member of Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). IBAN Validation engine can now validate those IBANs and identify the issuing bank.

    Example Vatican City IBAN:

  • 25 September 2018

    BIC Validation Update

    We have updated the manual interface for our BIC Validation service. The new design provides more flexible and easy to work with search console.
    Some of the key features include:
    - Search by BIC returns multiple results
    - Search by bank name allows for search in all countries

    Our clients who use the BIC Validation service, may access the new manual interface by logging in to their client area.

  • 05 September 2018

    New API Versions

    We are happy to announce that we have released a new API versions for two of our key services:

    SortWare ( formerly known as UK Payment Validation )
    IBAN SUITE ( IBAN Validation and Calculation )

    IBAN V4 API now supports:
    - Returning bank code and branch code along with the previously returned account number from a given IBAN
    - New validation added: check for illegal characters in IBAN.
    You may explore the new version by visiting our documentation page

    SortWare v4 API has some new validations:
    - Validation for Illegal Characters in Sort Code and Account Number
    - Validation for length of Sort code and Account Number
    You may explore the new structure and features on our documentation page

    The APIs for both services have been iterated to Version 4
    The new version provides some of the following improvements:
    Restructured 'validations' object with each validation having its own named object for easier direct access.
    This feature eliminates the need for programmers to loop through the previous 'validations' object array to evaluate the results.

  • 09 March 2018

    New Security Feature Available

    We have deployed a new security feature to our APIs.
    The API Access List feature allows you to restrict access to your API key to only a certain list of IP Addresses.

    When would you want to restrict access to your API key:
    - Harden the security of your account ( in case your API key is compromised no other computer systems will be able to make requests )
    - When implementation requires your API key to be visible to the client ( clientside integration of the API )
    - When providing your API key to developers for integration

    The IP Address restriction is disabled by default, you may activate it by adding an allowed address in the access list.
    You can manage the API Access List from your Client Area -> Account -> Settings section.

  • 15 December 2017

    New Client Area

    We have just completed a major redesign of our client area.
    The new client area includes many new features and improved functionality.
    Some of the new features are:
    - Manage Separate Services
    - Order History
    - Download Invoices
    - Improved design
    - Compatible with all current browsers

    You may review the new client area by logging in to your account.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  • 29 August 2017

    Belarus IBAN Calculator

    From July 4, 2017 the Republic of Belarus has introduced IBAN for non-cash transactions.
    We have integrated calculation algorithms for IBANs from Belarus in our IBAN calculator
    Our clients can now convert domestic bank account numbers to IBAN for the country of Belarus

  • 25 May 2017

    New Feature: Sub-Users

    We have created a new feature for our clients.
    Sub-Users are a way to grant access to your employees and people inside your company to your IBAN Validation Services account.
    This feature is designed to provide more flexibility to our clients workflow.

    Sub-Users Manager is available inside your client area.

  • 30 March 2017

    Free IBAN Widgets Available

    You can now add IBAN checker to your website for free.
    We have developed a new free tool which our visitors can add to their websites.

    Please feel free to visit our new widgets and links section.

  • 07 December 2016

    Bulk UK Payment Validation Available

    We have a new tool available for mass sort code and account number validations.
    The Bulk UK Payment Validation function accepts a list of sort codes or sortcode/account number combinations.
    Our clients can now process large lists of UK account number validations or sort code lookups jn a single batch transaction.
    The new feature is available only to clients using our UK Payment Validation ( SortWare ) service.

  • 10 November 2016

    Bulk IBAN Validation Update

    Our Bulk IBAN validation tool, received a major upgrade.

    Until now, the mass validation tool returned only basic validation information.

    With the constant improvements in our validation systems, we introduced the new validation features in the mass checking tool too.

    Currently, the bulk validation tool returns the full range of validations performed by our second generation API.

    To learn more about the specific methods we use to validate an IBAN, please read our validation help page.

  • 04 November 2016

    Sweden Account Validation Added

    Our IBAN validation engine now supports domestic account validation for Sweden.

    The new feature is available in our API and manual search interfaces.

    You can test out the service by validating Swedish IBAN in our free demo search.

  • 17 October 2016

    Czech Republic Bank Account Validation

    Our IBAN validation engine now supports domestic Bank Account Validation for Czech Republic.
    The new feature is available in the following services:

    IBAN Validation Web Interface IBAN Calculation Web Interface IBAN Calculator API IBAN Validation API

  • 13 October 2016

    Domestic Account Validation - Croatia

    We have added second layer validation for Croatia IBAN.
    The domestic account validation is available in our API and manual interfaces for both IBAN calculation and validation.

  • 04 October 2016

    Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Domestic Account Validation

    Domestic account validation has been added to our IBAN validation engine for IBANs issued from Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).
    You can test this by validating FYROM IBANs through our system.

  • 04 October 2016

    Monaco - Domestic Account Validation Available.

    We have added a domestic bank account ( aka. RIB ) level validation to our IBAN validation engine.
    The new feature is available in our demo search as well as out API and client area.

  • 03 October 2016

    Slovenia - Domestic Account Validation

    We have added second layer validation support for Slovenia.
    Our IBAN validation engine now supports domestic account validation for Slovenian IBANs.

    The new feature is available in our free demo search as well as our API and paid clients section.

  • 23 September 2016

    Kosovo - Domestic Account Number Validation

    We have just added a new domestic account number validation algorithm to our calculation and validation engine.

    Now, our system will validate whether the domestic bank account numbers are correct for Kosovo IBANs.

    You can test out the new functionality by validating an IBAN from Kosovo in our website.

  • 21 September 2016

    New Feature - Account balance notifications.

    We are happy to announce that we have deployed a new functionality to our customer portal. The new "Notifications" is available in your Client Area -> My Account section.
    You can now set a low credits limit and our system will send an email notifying you that your account's credits are running low.

  • 14 September 2016

    New and improved SOAP Function for IBAN Validation.

    Our developers just added the new and improved Validate IBAN function to our SOAP API endpoint.
    The new function provides more detailed information and multi-level validation methods.

    The improved 'validate_iban2' function and its documentation are available at:

    The WSDL for the service is available at:

  • 12 September 2016

    New features in our SOAP API

    Our developers have finished adding two new key features in our SOAP endpoint.

    The new methods are:
    - account_info - Providing Account expiration date and remaining number of queries available.
    - recover_iban - Providing missing/unknown character recovery using wildcards.

    You can learn more about the functions and their use at:

  • 07 September 2016

    New: IBAN Recovery API

    The IBAN Recovery API is our newest service. Our developers have implemented the "IBAN character recovery engine" in our service range.
    You can now use this API to restore unreadable or unknown characters from any International Bank Account Number.

    You can learn more about this API from our developer documentation at:

  • 22 August 2016

    New API - Account Information

    Our developers have introduced a new API with the intent to help our clients track remaining queries and expiration date of their account.

    The new account information API returns both your account's expiration and the remaining queries in a single response.

    API endpoints can be found in your Client Area -> API Access section.

  • 18 August 2016

    Iraq IBAN Validation Added

    We have added support for the newly introduced IBANs issued by banks from Iraq.
    While, still not officially supported, IBANs being issued by some banks in the country.

    Our IBAN Validation engine can now validate those IBANs and identify the issuing bank.

    Example Iraq IBAN:

  • 07 July 2016

    Sort Code & Account Number Validation BACS API

    We have just introduced a new API in our service list. The EISCD API is powerful system providing extremely detailed branch information from the BACS Extended Sort Codes Database. Supporting multiple methods of validation and data extraction, the SOAP interface allows easier integration.

    Supported methods can be seen at:

    WSDL Schema can be seen at:

    This solution can be purchased from our order page

  • 13 May 2016

    United Kingdom Structure Page Added

    We have added a new section in our website to better describe the IBAN structure for the United Kingdom. You can review the new informational page at:


  • 07 April 2016

    Backup API Server Launched

    We have launched a mirror/backup server for our IBAN Validation and Calculation services.

    Our backup server is specially setup to provide a complete mirrored environment of both client area and API.

    To learn how to use the Backup Server, please log in to your Client Area -> API Access page.

  • 02 March 2016

    New Countries Supported - El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras

    We have added IBAN validation support for three new countries which have partial IBAN coverage.
    The new supported countries are :

    El Salvador ( SV )
    Honduras ( HN )
    Nicaragua ( NI )

    Here are some test cases for those countries:


  • 02 March 2016

    SEPA Detection Support added for API V2

    We have implemented the SEPA markers detection in our IBAN Validation API V2.
    Our API can determine the following SEPA functions:
    SEPA B2B

    The API V2 currently returns one additional object labeled sepa_data' which describes the SEPA functionality.



    You can see a detailed description of the new object in our updated developer documentation.

  • 26 February 2016

    SEPA Functionality Detection

    We have added a new functionality to our IBAN validation engine. We are able to detect the different SEPA functions supported by a given Bank/Branch while validating an IBAN.

    Currently, the SEPA detection is only available in our free demo demo in the website, however after short testing, we will implement it in our API V2 response structure.

    SEPA Detection includes the following markers:


  • 18 February 2016

    Ukraine update

    Ukraine have officially joined the countries adopting the universal IBAN formatting. We have updated our registry data and validation algorithms to accommodate those new additions.

  • 17 February 2016

    IBAN Examples Updated

    We have revised and updated our IBAN structure and examples page with the latest additions and correct data standards.

  • 16 February 2016

    New Feature: Structure Validation Added

    We have added a new validation step in our IBAN Validation engine. The new check performs a test on the IBANs internal structure and formatting, checking for specific string and digit lengths to verify if the IBAN matches the specific country's formatting schema. This adds one more layer of verification information our clients can benefit from. Currently, this validation is only being displayed in our free search as a test, but we will soon incorporate it in our API.

  • 02 December 2015

    IBAN Validation API V2 Released

    We have completed the development of our new and improved IBAN Validation API. Now it supports domestic account check digit validations, length checks and better structured responses. User can choose between XML or JSON response formats.

  • 11 October 2015

    IBAN Calculator - Morocco Support

    Our IBAN calculation engine now supports Morocco RIB to IBAN conversion. The functionality is also added to the IBAN calculation API.

  • 30 August 2015

    Sao Tome and Principe IBAN validation now available

    We have added support for Sao Tome and Principe in our IBAN validation engine.

  • 22 August 2015

    Ireland Modulus Account Validation

    Our IBAN calculator and validation software now support account number and sort code validation for Ireland. Check digit algorithms have been incorporated in our code introducing an additional layer of security in UK and IE payment validation.

  • 17 June 2015

    IBAN Calculation API

    We have completed the development of an API allowing IBAN calculation. Our clients can now integrate our IBAN Calculation API remotely. Documentation is available in the Developers section .

  • 28 April 2015

    Malta IBAN Calculator

    We can now accurately generate IBANs for Malta from sort code and account number.

  • 24 April 2015

    BBAN / NIB Validation for Portugal

    We implmented support for NIB ( Número de Identificação Bancária ) check digit validation algorithm in our IBAN Validation and IBAN Calculator engines.

  • 23 April 2015

    Poland IBAN Calculator

    We complted the development of the check digit validation and calculation algorithms for Poland. Now our service can balidate the Bank and Branch codes and IBANs for banks in Poland .

  • 06 April 2015

    IBAN Validation and Calculation for Spain

    We incorporated the check digit / control digit validations for Spanish Accounts/Bank Codes in our software. Those validations add another layer of security while calculating IBAN from domestic account numbers or validating IBANs.

  • 01 April 2015

    Sweden IBAN Calculator

    Our developers completed the final stage of the IBAN calculator module for Sweden. Now you can calculate Swedish IBANs using a clearingnumber and account number.

  • 24 March 2015

    Account Validation for Italy

    Our developers completed the check digit validation for Italian Account Number. The algorithm simultaneously checks for valid CAB, ABI and Account Number. The account number validation is available in our IBAN validation and IBAN Calculator.

  • 20 March 2015

    Brazil IBAN Calculator

    We have complted a new development stage for our IBAN calculator which includes support for Brazil. Our clients can now accurately convert domestic account numbers to Brazilian IBANs.

  • 12 March 2015

    Switzerland IBAN Calculator

    We have a new algorithms for Switzerland at IBAN Calculator. The calculator can now accurately validate account numbers and generate IBAN for Switzerland.

  • 26 February 2015

    New IBAN validation engine

    We have completed the development of our new IBAN validation engine. The new engine behind the website is now powered by multi-stage database fallback logic. This significant upgrade made our service more accurate than ever. Currently we evaluate our bank identification database as the most complete on the market.

  • 20 February 2015

    Rebuilding IBAN Calculator

    Rebuilding the IBAN Calculator. Stage one complete, you can test out new and improved calculator.

  • 15 February 2015

    Jordan IBAN support

    New research project completed. We added Jordan IBAN support. JO14BBME5830000000583312315681

  • 09 December 2014

    Domain Update

    We have a new domain! Reverse IBAN Validator is now available at www.iban.com

  • 23 September 2014

    Timor-Leste IBAN Support

    Added validation for Timor-Leste IBAN and reverse bank name,BIC and address: TL790180012345678910157

  • 08 September 2014

    Kosovo IBAN Support

    Added validation for Kosovo IBAN and reverse bank name,BIC and address. Example: XK281500000000000053

  • 13 June 2014

    IBAN validation

    IBAN validation now support check for SEPA Credit Transfer and SEPA Direct Debit.

  • 15 May 2014

    Madagascar IBAN Support

    Madagascar IBAN validation for bank name, address and BIC code is now available.

  • 09 May 2014

    BIC Update

    General Update of BIC Codes:Bank branch address, city and postal code.

  • 05 March 2014

    General Update

    General Update of BIC and IBAN. Added Validation for 2300 new International Bank Account Numbers

  • 08 January 2014

    API available

    Automatic IBAN Validation now available with our API module. Members only.

  • 03 December 2013

    System update

    General update for validation and calculation algorithms

  • 26 November 2013

    Examples added

    Created a complete list of countries that support IBAN and added some examples

  • 19 November 2013

    BIC Search available

    Search bank by BIC code now available at BIC Code Search.

  • 11 November 2013

    Domain Update

    We've moved from www.reverseiban.com to www.iban.net please update your links.

  • 08 November 2013

    IBAN Generator

    Added IBAN Generator - Calculate IBAN from Account Number and Bank Branch.

  • 06 November 2013

    Qatar IBAN Support

    Qatar Reverse IBAN validation for bank name, address and BIC code is now available.

  • 05 November 2013

    Qatar IBAN Validation

    Qatar IBAN validation is now available. Example: QA73BBME000000000004056677001

  • 30 October 2013

    IBAN System Upgrade

    A huge list of new validation algorithms added for the IBAN countries which are partially supporting the new system.

  • 29 October 2013

    Ukraine IBAN Support

    Ukrainian Reverse IBAN validation for bank name, address and BIC code is now available.

  • 28 October 2013

    Ukraine IBAN Validation

    Ukraine IBAN validation is now available. Example: UA173052990006762462622943782