Bank Suite: Global Banking validation

Access to global coverage banking data

A single source solution for global bank code validation. Our bank directory provides bank code identification for over 190 countries worldwide. A fast and simple REST API offers quick and seamless integration of the service in your software.

Real-time identification and validation

A constantly updated global bank code data source identifies key details about any bank code such as BIC code, bank name, branch type (head office/branch/foreign office ), address etc. and additional layer of input validation checks for invalid characters, format and length of each bank code. All that is done with a single API call.

BankSuite Introduction

The Bank Suite service provides automated access to over 1 million records offering bank code information for 195 countries, 950,000 branches of more than 60,000 financial institutions.
Our bank code directory can validate and identify bank codes for many country specific clearing systems such as:

United States ABA Routing Numbers
Canada Transit Numbers
Japan Zengin System
Australia BSB Numbers (Bank State Branch)
United Kingdom Sort Codes
India IFSC Code
Russia BIK Code
and many more ...

The API offers real time bank code validation by performing format, structure, length and bank directory checks to ensure little to no chance of failed transactions.


  • Access through Restful APIs (JSON & XML Response)
  • Check the validity of a bank code
  • Identify bank and branch information by a bank code
  • Identify BIC by a bank code
  • Identify Financial Institutions (Head office and branches)
  • Get clearing code for a BIC
  • Validate Domestic Bank Code and Account Number

Web interface

  • Access the service from anywhere through your browser
  • Perform reverse search of bank codes by searching a BIC
  • Identify and validate bank codes
  • Mobile device friendly interface
  • Manage sub-users for your account
  • Manage access to your API and services
  • Manage and Renew your service plans and subscriptions

Supported Countries official Data / Global coverage Map

Everything you need to start using the API and automate the bank code validation process.


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Accurate and always up-to-date

Combined data from a large number of financial regulatory bodies such as APCA (Australian Payments Clearing Association), American Bankers Association, Associazione Bancaria Italiana, Banco Central do Brasil, Bank of Israel, Six Interbank Clearing, Deutsche Bundesbank, Bankserv Africa, Banque de France, Central Bank of Turkey, China National Advanced Payment System, CPA (Canadian Payments Association), Hong Kong Interbank Clearing, Irish Payment Services Organisation, Japanese Banks' Payment Clearing Network, New Zealand Bankers Association, Russian Central Bank and others.

  • Regularly updated
  • Accurate
  • Highly reliable data
  • Number of updates per month is worth 3% of quality
  • Unified data source no need of managing files,updates and databases


Developed simple to use, yet powerful set of APIs which allow you to connect our system to any point of your application's work flow.

Implementing Bank validation functions in the input of your payment management system, (Payment Platforms, Corporate portals, Online banking, Cash management, Core systems, Other payment systems) CRM, ERP or finance software can be done with a single request to our service.

Supporting REST protocol, our technology can be easily connected with the most corporate management software solutions such as SAP, SalesForce, Sage etc.