An even more powerful payment validation service for the United Kingdom.
If you are wandering what this service does, please first review our "UK Bank Validation" service for a simpler solution. The BACS Extended Industry Sort Codes Directory ( EISCD for short) is the most accurate and comprehensive data source for the UK Payment Industry.

SortWare REST vs SortWare SOAP

The main difference between the SortWare REST and SortWare SOAP service is the level of detail it provides. The SortWare SOAP service provides a complete report with over 95 data fields from the EISCD ( Extended Industry Sort Codes Directory ). This service is aimed to provide complete solution for UK payment validation as well as payment routing.

Key Features

  • Validate sort code and account number combination (modulus check)
  • Convert Sort Code and Account Numbers to IBAN
  • Lookup bank and branch details for any sort code
  • Lookup bank and branch details for a provided IBAN
  • View Historical Records from EISCD, Date of last change
  • View Full EISCD record
  • Lookup BIC code of a given sort code
  • Detect payment schema support FPS, CHAPS, Direct Debit, CC&C

Simple and powerful

Supported API methods:

  • search_eiscd - Retrieves a full EISCD record for a given sort code
  • validate_account_uk - Performs modulus check for integrity of sort code and account number combination
  • gen_uk_iban - Generates an IBAN from a sort code and account number
  • search_eiscd_by_iban - Decomposes an IBAN and provides full EISCD record for the corresponding bank branch
Review all technical specifications about our APIs in our comprehensive documentation.

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Our clients have found this service useful in some of the following scenarios:

  • User Input Validation - Check for correct bank details upon client entry in your system. This way businesses can ensure a high success rate of future payments.
  • Live Payment Validation - Validate existing bank account and sort code data prior to processing outgoing payments.
  • Data cleansing - Use the APIs and Bulk Validation interface to clean existing payment details from invalid or junk data.
  • User Input auto-complete - Once a user submits sort code and account number, our system can help you auto-populate bank details such as bank name, branch, BIC code and more.
  • Compliance - Helps businesses comply to resolution 092/05 issued by the European Payments Council regarding mandatory use of BIC and IBAN.

Data Quality

We understand the importance of using reliable data sources when processing payments.
Therefore we have licensed the Extended Sort Codes Directory issued by VocaLink to ensure our service provides the most accurate and up to date information for the UK payment industry.
The EISCD data is updated weekly with the official VocaLink version.