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The International Bank Account Number or IBAN is used in international as well as domestic payments in Europe and the world. A fairly long string of numbers and digits, the IBAN is often a point of failure when manually entered by customers and operators alike.

A failed payment almost always causes extra delays and costs for your business.

By validating payment details at the point of entry, your business can effectively reduce failed transactions and streamline it's payment processes.
The IBAN Suite service is designed to optimize the processing of domestic and international payments for companies worldwide.

More than just error checking

Our IBAN Suite service performs multiple layers of validation ensuring the minimal chance of error in payment details.
More to that, it provides bank data vital to cross-boarder payments such as BIC, Bank and Branch details for payment routing and payment schema support such as SEPA ( SCT, SDD, Core ). To ensure data quality, our system uses bank data licensed by reliable sources such as national banks, financial institutions and issuing agencies.


We have developed simple to use, yet powerful set of APIs which allow you to connect our system to any point of your application's work flow.

Implementing IBAN validation functions in the input of your payment management system, CRM, ERP or finance software can be done with a single request to our service.

Supporting both REST and SOAP protocols, our technology can be easily connected with the most corporate management software solutions such as SAP, SalesForce, Sage etc.

Under the hood

Key features provide a comprehensive solution for validating payment details

  • Validate the internal check digit of an IBAN
  • Validate internal structure of an IBAN
  • Validate the length of the IBAN
  • Identify SEPA reachability
  • Retrieve BIC code of an IBAN
  • Convert bank code and account number to an IBAN
  • Recover an IBAN containing unreadable/unknown characters
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Simple and powerful

We have tailored key features for efficiency and flexibility when using our services

  • Mobile friendly web interface
  • Mass/Bulk IBAN Validation
  • Mass/Bulk IBAN Calculation
  • Sub-user accounts for company employees
  • Manage API Access Lists
  • Single call REST and SOAP API
  • IBAN Validation API
  • IBAN Calculation API
  • IBAN Recovery API

How Validation Process Work?

To provide the best results, we work in steps. We will run a number of checks to ensure you have the most detailed result from the validation process.

1. Data cleansing

At this first step we remove all non-alphanumeric characters and report if we encounter invalid ones.

2. IBAN Check Digit

Integrity check on the IBAN using ISO 7604 (MOD 97-10) algorithm is performed at this step.

3. Account Number Check

A domestic bank account validation is performed based on the country specific validation algorithms.

4. IBAN length

Verifying the total length of the IBAN according to the country standard to make sure it's correct.

5. Format/Structure

The IBAN's internal components are checked for correct format and respective positions.

6. Bank Directory Lookup

We identify the issuing bank and country along with the BIC and SEPA payment schema support.

Review all technical specifications about our APIs in our comprehensive documentation.

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  • Improving Payments - Validate an IBAN and retrieve of bank details prior to processing to streamline payments.
  • Data Cleansing - Cleanup old data by performing a mass/batch IBAN Validation searches on existing payment details in your system.
  • Data Recovery - Using our IBAN recovery API businesses who manually digitize IBAN data can recover IBANs which contain missing or unreadable characters.
  • User Input Validation - Validate payment data upon user entering the IBAN in the system. Protect against typing errors.
  • User Input Auto-complete - Provide better user experience by retrieving bank details and BIC code when user enters a IBAN in your system.
  • Compliance - Helps businesses comply to resolution 092/05 issued by the European Payments Council regarding mandatory use of BIC and IBAN.
Our system supports IBAN validation for 97 countries. We add support for new countries as soon as they officially adopt the IBAN standard.

Supported Countries

We license data from reliable data sources such as national banks and financial institutions to provide accurate bank data.

Data sources

By updating our bank directories monthly and in some countries weekly, we make sure our system responds with up to date bank details.

Updates frequency

Our monitoring systems constantly track the status and performance of our service. Interruptions, maintenance and issues are posted here.

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System security and data protection is important to us. Learn more on what steps and technical measures we take to protect your data.

Data protection

For the years we have been providing our payment validation services, more than 1000 companies have trusted us to validate payment details.

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