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IBAN Suite: Web interface & API


430 /Year

Included Features
  • check2000 Lookups per year


1300 /Year

Included Features
  • check20000 Lookups per year


2100 /Year

Included Features
  • check50000 Lookups per year


3800 /Year

Included Features
  • checkUnlimited

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Plan Price  
Bank Suite: Global Banking Validation API 200,000 9500 € /Year
BIC Validation: Web Interface & API 3200 € /Year
SORTware: (Web Interface & API) Unlimited 2500 € / year
EISCD: Download Monthly (GB Bank Directory File) 1800 € / year
EISCD: Download Weekly (GB Bank Directory File) 2200 € / year

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Licenses required minimum one year of registration.
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All IBAN Suite plans provide the following featuresIncluded
Web interfacecheck
API access (REST & SOAP)check
IBAN Validationcheck
IBAN Conversioncheck
Bulk Validation (Mass IBAN Validations)check
Bulk Conversion (Mass IBAN Calculations )check
Support all official IBAN 75 countries (including SEPA) check
Support experimental IBAN countriescheck
Data cleansing (Remove all non-alphanumeric characters)check
Check if country support IBANcheck
Check IBAN against MOD 97 (ISO 7064)check
Check for IBAN length for selected countrycheck
Check IBAN format and structurecheck
Account Number checksum in BBAN (if available)check
Providing BIC for all IBAN countriescheck
Address, Countrycheck
SEPA Scheme Reachability (SCT, SDD B2B, SDD Core)check
Guaranteed Uptime SLA 99.9%check
Data encryptioncheck
Mirror Backup Servercheck

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