Why choose IBAN?

Optimizing Payments

Minimizing payment rejections and the cost associated with repair and recapture. Reduces failed payments and bank charges associated, saving time and money. Ensures the valid details are entered, removing mistakes and typo errors and improving registration. avoid payment errors and bank charges.

Save Time

By automating payment validation and bank data retrieval, you will save valuable time and resources in checking payment details prior to payment processing.


Improve user experience by auto-completing bank details such as BIC code and bank name for your clients at the point of entering their bank details.

Quick Setup Process

We have built all our business process around the concept of simplicity and effectiveness. Simplified purchasing process, quick account setup and single call API you can get our system integrated with minimal effort and time.

Reliable and Secure

By licensing bank reference data from high quality data providers such as S.W.I.F.T, VocaLink and Banque de France we ensure maximum data quality. Redundant server architecture provides maximum reliability and up-time of the services.

Trusted Support

Our team is always on standby to respond to our clients inquiries. Quick response times and fast resolution of issues give our clients a seamless integration and user experience.

Our system supports IBAN validation for 97 countries. We add support for new countries as soon as they officially adopt the IBAN standard.

Supported Countries

We license data from reliable data sources such as national banks and financial institutions to provide accurate bank data.

Data Sources

By updating our bank directories monthly and in some countries weekly, we make sure our system responds with up to date bank details.

updates frequency

Our monitoring systems constantly track the status and performance of our service. Interruptions, maintenance and issues are posted here.

View System Status

System security and data protection is important to us. Learn more on what steps and technical measures we take to protect your data.

Data protection

For the years we have been providing our payment validation services, more than 1000 companies have trusted us to validate payment details.

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