Developers API Documentation

1. Introduction

This API is part of the VAT Suite service.
The API provides validation and company information about a VAT (Value Added Tax) number.
The service returns details such as the registration status, company information, and address associated with the provided VAT number.


The API endpoint for accessing the VAT information is:

2. Request

HTTP Method

The API supports HTTP GET and HTTP POST requests.

Request Parameters

The API expects the following parameters to be included in the request:

Parameter Type Description
api_key string Your personal API key required to authenticate you with the service.
vat string The VAT number to query.

Sample Request

curl "" \
    -X POST \
    -d api_key=[YOUR_API_KEY] \
    -d vat=BE0567647463

3. Response

Response Format

The API returns a JSON object with the following fields:

Field Type Description
query object Information about the query request.
valid boolean Indicates whether the VAT number is valid.
active boolean Indicates whether the VAT number is active.
registration_data object Company registration data associated with the VAT number.
error object Error details if any occurred during the request.

Response Fields


The query object contains information about the query request.

Field Type Description
vat string The VAT number queried.
status string The status of the query. Possible values: 'completed', 'processing'.
A status with value 'processing' indicates the local VAT registry for the respective country is not responding.
In this case the request should be retried later. An error will be present with status 202 and message "National registry not responding. Try again later."
request_time string The time of the request.


The valid field indicates whether the VAT number is valid.
This indicates the VAT number passed the passive checks: check digit, format, length and structure.

Field Type Description
valid boolean true if the VAT number is valid, false otherwise.


The active field indicates whether the VAT number is active.
Active vat indicates that the VAT number is registered and operational with the local country's VAT registry.

Field Type Description
active boolean true if the VAT number is active, false otherwise.


The registration_data field contains company registration data associated with the VAT number.

Field Type Description
name string The name of the registered company.
address string The registered address of the company.
city string The city of the registered company.
zip string The ZIP or postal code of the company.
country_iso string The ISO code of the country (e.g., "BE" for Belgium).
country_name string The name of the country (e.g., "Belgium").


The error field contains details if any error occurred during the validation process.

Field Type Description
code string A code representing the error type or category.
message string A brief error message.

Sample Response

{ "query": { "vat": "FR64443061841", "status": "completed", "request_time": "2023-05-30 09:29:08" }, "valid": true, "active": true, "registration_data": { "name": "EURL GOOGLE FRANCE", "address": "8 RUE DE LONDRES", "city": "PARIS", "zip": "75009", "country_iso": "FR", "country_name": "France" }, "error": {} }

4. Error Handling

If an error occurs during the request, the API may return an appropriate HTTP status code along with an error response in the JSON format. Common error fields may include:

Error Code HTTP Status Message Cause/Solution
301 403 API Key is invalid You need to provide a correct API key to use the service.
305 403 You have no access to this API You need to purchase a plan to use this service.
304 403 IP Address not allowed You have enabled IP address access list. You need to allow your IP to access the API.
302 403 Subscription expired You need to renew your plan.
303 403 No queries available You need to refill your plan. You can purchase a package from your Client Area.
306 400 Bad Request: Missing 'api_key' parameter value You need to submit an API key with your query.
307 400 Bad Request: Missing 'vat' parameter value VAT parameter is required. You need to submit it for your query to succeed.
500 500 Internal Server Error Contact support. The error is caused by a technical issue on our end.
603 422 VAT number cannot be shorter than 4 characters. There are no VAT IDs shorter than 4 digits. Please check your input.
601 422 Invalid characters in VAT number. VAT IDs can only contain Alphanumeric characters e.g. a-z, A-Z, 0-9. Characters: Underscore:_, Dash:-,Space: , Dot:. are cleaned from the input string. All other characters will trigger this order.
602 422 Country code not supported. The country code in the VAT ID is not valid. Eg. VAT is not valid.
604 422 Invalid VAT format, length, structure or check digit. The VAT ID has failed one of our passive formatting and mathematical algorithm checks. It is invalid.
503 503 National registry not responding. Try again later. The tax register of the respective country is not responding. You need to retry this lookup again. Your account will not be credited.
429 429 Too many requests. Rate limit reached. Our API is rate limited to provide optimal performance. Please throttle your requests.

Ensure to handle error responses gracefully and provide appropriate feedback to users.