About Us

The payment validation platform at www.iban.com is operated by GV Solyushans Ltd,
a company registered in Bulgaria with address: Asen Zlatarov 16, 4000 Plovdiv
Our company has specialized in providing business Software as Service (SaaS) payment validation solutions.

What we do

With a steadily growing number of companies using our services, we are a reliable payment validation and optimization solution provider.
Our array of easy to use online services available as SaaS and UI help businesses save from failed transactions, streamline the payment process and protect from fraud.
All that functionality takes place in a secure environment threating all data sent to our platform as highly sensitive.

Main goal is to provide reliable and up to date bank details returned by our services by licensing data from reliable data partners such as S.W.I.F.T., Vocalink, Deutsche Bundesbank, Banque de France etc.

  • Products that are effective and easy to integrate
  • Solutions that help solve technical and business challenges
  • Time-proven, reliable technology and expertise
  • Qualified and dedicated technical support for every client request
What We do?
Our Values

Our Values

We believe in:

  • Being effective, providing simple solutions to complex problems.
  • Transparency, being honest. A company should behave like a person. Being responsible and true to its clients and partners.
  • Customer satisfaction, working with our clients to improve our services.
  • Sharing our knowledge. Our website is not only a platform to sell our services. We develop reference pages and provide free resources for anyone who needs to understand banking payments and the technical details such as BIC Codes, Currency Rates, IBAN structure and countries information and more.

Our Partnerships

Accurate bank data is in the core of our services and it's imperative for that data to be as up to date and as accurate as possible. By building strategic partnerships with authorities in the payment sector, we provide a reliable and current source of payment reference information. Our data partners include national banks, financial institutions and private companies issuing and maintaining bank code data resources.

Deutsche Bundesbank
La Banque de France Eurosisteme
Vocalink LTD (Mastercard)

Our compact team of developers, entrepreneurs and IT professionals, has experience in developing payment validation services since 2009.
We have been working on customized payment validation solutions in various industries.
With the rapid development of the European Union's payment schemes, we specialized in streamlining bank payments for our corporate customers.
As the International Bank Account Number ( IBAN ) became the leading format of bank account identification, we developed a centralized system of validating IBAN data.

  • Today

    With the support of thousands of businesses trusting in our validation methods, we continue to grow, develop and improve our system to provide better payment validation services.

  • 2016

    Already having a significant client base using the first version of API and UI for our services, we expanded the range of services and deployed new improved APIs to the new platform at www.iban.com

  • 2015

    Deployed the Software as Service ( SasS ) IBAN Validation and Calculation including basic API functions.

  • 2013

    Launched the first IBAN validation platform. The first website provided a free IBAN validation functionality.