VAT Suite

A dedicated web service for automated validation and identification of VAT (value-added tax) registration numbers.

The web service is designed to validate, identify, and retrieve the registered status of VAT (value-added tax) numbers for customers, vendors, and suppliers. This service is essential in European Union member countries, as it helps to complies with tax authority requirements.

Service key features:

  • Data cleansing and validation of format, structure, and modulus by country
  • Verify VAT registration status (active or not)
  • Retrieve company/personal name and address data
  • Identify data from 31 national government registers
  • Easy-to-integrate REST API in all major platforms and programing languages
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Use Cases and Solutions

Validating VAT Numbers for E-commerce Businesses

Problem: E-commerce businesses need to validate the VAT numbers of their customers and suppliers to ensure compliance with European Union regulations and avoid penalties.

Solution: Our VAT Suite service can be integrated into e-commerce platforms, enabling businesses to automatically validate VAT numbers during the registration process. This helps ensure that customers and suppliers are taxable persons and are compliant with VAT regulations.

Cross-Border Trade and VAT Number Validation

Problem: A company involved in cross-border trade needs to validate VAT numbers for international customers and suppliers to ensure compliance with VAT regulations across multiple countries.

Solution: The VAT Suite service supports VAT ID validation for countries outside the European Union, such as Switzerland, Norway, and the United Kingdom. This enables businesses involved in cross-border trade to validate VAT numbers across multiple countries, ensuring compliance with VAT regulations in each jurisdiction.

VAT ID Lookup for Business Intelligence Purposes

Problem: A company needs to gather information about its customers and suppliers, including their VAT numbers, for business intelligence purposes.

Solution: Our VAT Suite SaaS product provides a VAT ID lookup feature, allowing businesses to look up VAT numbers and access information about the company behind the number. This can be useful for researching potential customers and suppliers, as well as for maintaining accurate and up-to-date customer and supplier records.

Monitoring and Reporting VAT Compliance

Problem: A company needs to monitor and report on VAT compliance for tax reporting purposes.

Solution: Our VAT SaaS product provides monitoring and reporting features, enabling businesses to track VAT compliance across their customers and suppliers. This helps ensure that VAT compliance is maintained and reported accurately for tax reporting purposes.

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200 /Year

  • 2 000 Queries
  • Period: 12 months


1000 /Year

  • 25 000 Queries
  • Period: 12 months


1500 /Year

  • 50 000 Queries
  • Period: 12 months


2500 /Year

  • 125 000 Queries
  • Period: 12 months

Frequently asked questions?

Are the plans monthly or annual?

All packages provide a pre-loaded amount of VAT API lookups/credits which are available for 12 months after the date of purcahse. You can purchase another package to refill your account at any point in your subscription.

  Do you have Value Added Tax (VAT) registration

Value Added Tax (VAT) is not included in the mentioned above. If your company is VAT registered, kindly provide your VAT number during the purchase process.

  Can I purchase via invoice/PO?

Yes, we can issue a direct invoice for your purchase. In order to use direct invoicing, please contact our sales team for further assistance.

  What is the turnaround time?

Services are activated within 24 hours of successful payment.

What are the payment options?

We accept credit card payments through 2Checkout, a service that is PCI DSS Level 1 Certified. Additionally, we offer direct invoicing as an alternative. Feel free to contact us for more information.

What support is available?

Our dedicated team is available to provide technical support, assist with incorrect records reports, and address any questions you may have about our services throughout your membership period.

What about reselling/re-distribution?

Please note that reselling or redistributing our services is permitted without prior authorization.

What is the membership period?

The validity of your plan and available queries extends for a duration of one calendar year from the date of purchase.