Sortware SOAP API


We had developed the Sortware SOAP API with ease of access and flawless integration in mind. This API is available via the SOAP protocol only to ensure transaction safety and cross-platform compatibility.

Supported methods

A list of supported functions with input and output parameters can be found at:

SOAP Response Structure

Due to the advantages of the SOAP protocol, we have generated a detailed WSDL document describing the data structures
returned by the API.
WSDL Schema can be seen at:

Data Structure

The WSDL provides description of the data types returned.
We have the fields and their respective values described in a more human readable format.

Since the EISCD Data file is used as a data source for the EISCD API, field values are equivalent.
Extensive field guide can be found at:

EISCD File Specification
EISCD File Specification in PDF