Our data

Reliable Data Sources

Accurate bank reference data is the foundation of our services. Our bank directories are compiled by cross referencing and data from multiple reliable data providers.
We have forged partnerships and sourced data from an array of sources such as:

  • Central banks
  • Banks
  • Financial institutions
  • Bank Code issuers
  • Payment Systems & Associations
  • Payment Service Organizations
  • Private companies
With our use of sources such as SWIFTRef, Vocalink and other reliable sources you can benefit from access to:

World leading payments reference data
Global Coverage and extensive national payment systems
High quality data, sourced from and maintained by official sources
Monthly updated data for most sources and in some cases weekly updated records

our data

Deutsche Bundesbank
La Banque de France Eurosisteme
Vocalink LTD (Mastercard)
Vocalink LTD (Mastercard)
Vocalink LTD (Mastercard)
Vocalink LTD (Mastercard)
Vocalink LTD (Mastercard)

Accuracy & Completeness

We perform frequent internal evaluations of the coverage and accuracy of our bank reference data. Currently, we estimate to have over 99.9% coverage in bank our bank directories.

By implementing automated update procedures, from our data sources, we provide excellent accuracy for the identification of bank codes and branch information.
By analyzing our client's queries, we easily detect cases where bank data is not returned by our system. With such self-regulating mechanisms, we often react to missing data cases sooner than our clients can report an issue.

Data Coverage

Data coverage

Our database engineers analyze, cross-reference and compile the data from our multiple data providers into a single banking directory which powers our validation engine.

When you submit an IBAN for validation in our system, it will identify the Bank name, address and BIC code by matching the bank code in our directory.
Our bank code directory contains over 330000 detailed records for individual banks and branches


  • 82 IBAN participant countries
  • 36 SEPA participant countries
  • 23 Countries which have Partial/Experimental use of the IBAN system

The data returned by the directory includes:

  • Bank - The name of the bank or financial institution
  • BIC - The BIC code of the issuing bank/branch or institution.
  • Address - The issuing bank address.
  • Branch - Name of the specific bank branch if available
  • City - The name of the city of the issuing bank's location.
  • Country - Full name of the country of origin e.g. "Germany"
  • Country ISO - ISO 3166-1 country code e.g. DE, CH, GB, FR, NL, AT etc.
  • Email - Primary contact email for the current bank/branch.
  • FAX - Primary FAX number for the current bank/branch.
  • Phone - Primary contact phone of the bank/branch.
  • State - The name of the state in which the bank/branch is located.
  • ZIP - Zip or postal code of the city.

You may review the supported countries and IBAN formating in our IBAN examples and structure section.

Regular updates & Consistency across data sources

Managing data is a time consuming and costly activity.
We have specialized in processing multiple data sources to provide a streamlined, data agnostic service which is always providing the latest data available to us in an easy to consume format.
Our data team takes care of updates of all bank directories and maintaining orderly data returned by our validation platform.

For most countries we keep track and apply monthly and weekly updates to the bank data directories.
Some countries with more dynamic banking sectors such as the United Kingdom, we apply weekly updates to ensure high accuracy.

Availability & Accessibility

Data availability
We define data availability as "the ability of our clients to access that data anytime from any location". This is one of the most important factors in SaaS solutions such as our payment validation platform. To ensure reliability in accessing our solutions we are hosting our service on a high availability fault tolerant infrastructure providing 99.9% uptime.

Accessible any time, from anywhere

Providing our solutions as SaaS ( Software as a Service ) and web based interfaces, we allow you to integrate payment validation in any part of your business process. From automated system validating bank details at user input to mobile friendly web interface providing your employees with manual payment validation on the go, you may access our service with greater flexibility than a intranet or in-house solution.