Register of countries using the IBAN standard

The individual countries and formatting are described in the IBAN Register. This register provides detailed information about all ISO 13616-compliant national IBAN formats.

This section provides an up to date reference for the International Bank Account Number length and supported validation methods.

In the table below we have provided sample IBAN number as well as country code and account format checksum validation support. IBAN Structure examples can be used to test our our service and understand how different countries construct IBAN numbers.

Data updated on 08/03/2017.

IBAN Structure & Examples

Country Code SEPA Length Checksum Branch IBAN Example
Albania AL No 28 yes AL06202111090000000005012075
Andorra AD No 24 yes AD1000060004451247870930
Austria AT Yes 20 yes yes AT021100000622888600
Azerbaijan AZ No 28 AZ04UBAZ04003214540060AZN001
Bahrain BH No 22 BH02CITI00001077181611
Belgium BE Yes 16 yes yes BE45096920886089
Bosnia and Herzegovina BA No 20 yes yes BA391011606058553319
Brazil BR No 29 yes BR0200000000010670000117668C1
Bulgaria BG Yes 22 yes BG02RZBB91551002755190
Costa Rica CR No 22 yes CR79015202220005614288
Croatia HR Yes 21 yes HR0223400093216312031
Cyprus CY Yes 28 yes CY02002001950000357009822416
Czech Republic CZ Yes 24 yes CZ0201000000199216760237
Faroe Islands FO Yes 18 yes FO1291810001441878
Greenland GL Yes 18 yes GL2664710001504964
Denmark DK Yes 18 yes DK0220005036459478
Dominican Republic DO No 28 DO22BCBH00000000011003290022
Estonia EE Yes 20 yes yes EE021700017000459042
Finland FI Yes 18 yes yes FI0210403500314392
France FR Yes 27 yes yes FR0220041000016219433J02076
Georgia GE No 22 GE02TB7523045063700002
Germany DE Yes 22 yes yes DE02100500000024290661
Gibraltar GI Yes 23 yes GI04BARC020452163087000
Greece GR Yes 27 yes GR0201102160000021661309175
Guatemala GT No 28 GT24CITI01010000000004146026
Hungary HU Yes 28 yes yes HU02116000060000000064247067
Iceland IS Yes 26 yes IS040116381002305610911109
Ireland IE Yes 22 yes yes IE02BOFI90008413113207
Israel IL No 23 yes IL020108380000002149431
Italy IT Yes 27 yes yes IT43K0310412701000000820420
Jordan JO No 30 yes JO02SCBL1260000000018525836101
Kazakhstan KZ No 20 KZ04319C010005569698
Kosovo XK No 20 yes yes XK051301001002074155
Kuwait KW No 30 KW02NBOK0000000000001000614589
Latvia LV Yes 21 LV02HABA0551007820897
Lebanon LB No 28 LB02001400000302300023018319
Liechtenstein LI Yes 21 yes yes LI0308800000022875748
Lithuania LT Yes 20 yes LT027300010134441147
Luxembourg LU Yes 20 LU020019175546294000
Macedonia MK No 19 yes MK07200000625758632
Malta MT Yes 31 yes MT02VALL22013000000040013752732
Mauritania MR No 27 yes yes MR1300012000010000009880016
Mauritius MU No 30 yes MU03MCBL0901000001879025000USD
Moldova MD No 24 MD14MO2224ASV41884097100
Monaco MC Yes 27 yes yes MC2412739000710075018000P14
Montenegro ME No 22 yes ME25505120000000466170
Netherlands NL Yes 18 yes yes NL02ABNA0457180536
Norway NO Yes 15 yes yes NO0239916835985
Pakistan PK No 24 PK02SCBL0000001925518401
Palestine PS No 29 PS06ARAB000000009040781605610
Poland PL Yes 28 yes yes PL02103000190109780401676562
Portugal PT Yes 25 yes yes PT50003600409911001102673
Qatar QA No 29 QA03QNBA000000000060565452001
Romania RO Yes 24 RO02BRDE445SV75163474450
San Marino SM Yes 27 yes yes SM07U0854009803000030174419
Saint Lucia LC No 32 LC55HEMM000100010012001200023015
Sao Tome and Principe ST No 25 ST23000200000289355710148
Saudi Arabia SA No 24 SA0220000002480647579940
Serbia RS No 22 yes RS35105008054113238018
Slovak Republic SK Yes 24 yes SK0202000000003679748552
Slovenia SI Yes 19 yes yes SI56011006000005649
Spain ES Yes 24 yes yes ES1321000555370200853027
Sweden SE Yes 24 yes yes SE0230000000030301099952
Switzerland CH Yes 21 yes yes CH020020720710117540C
Timor-Leste TL No 23 yes TL380030000000025923744
Tunisia TN No 24 yes yes TN5901026067111999766058
Turkey TR No 26 yes TR020001000201529153355002
United Arab Emirates AE No 23 AE020090004001079346500
United Kingdom GB Yes 22 yes yes GB11CITI18500811417983
Virgin Islands, British VG No 24 VG48NOSC0000000005002993
Ukraine UA No 29 yes UA123052990004149497803982794
Seychelles SC No 31 SC74NOVH00000021002035257028SCR
Iraq IQ No 23 IQ20CBIQ861800101010500
Belarus BY No 28 BY86AKBB10100000002966000000
El Salvador SV No 28 SV43ACAT00000000000000123123

FR includes:

GB includes:

FI includes:

PT includes:

ES includes:

Partial IBAN Countries (Experimental)

Name of country IBAN Code SEPA Length IBAN Example
Angola AO No 25 AO06004400006729503010102
Burkina Faso BF No 28 BF42BF0840101300463574000390
Burundi BI No 16 BI43201011067444
Benin BJ No 28 BJ66BJ0610100100144390000769
Central African Republic CF No 27 CF4220001000010120069700160
Congo CG No 27 CG3930011000101013451300019
Ivory Coast CI No 28 CI93CI0080111301134291200589
Cameroon CM No 27 CM2110002000300277976315008
Cape Verde CV No 25 CV64000500000020108215144
Egypt EG No 27 EG2100037000671002392189379
Djibouti DJ No 27 DJ2110002010010409943020008
Algeria DZ No 24 DZ5802100017115005701653
Gabon GA No 27 GA2140021010032001890020126
Equatorial Guinea GQ No 27 GQ7050002001003715228190196
Guinea-Bissau GW No 25 GW04GW1430010181800637601
Iran IR No 26 IR710570029971601460641001
Morocco MA No 28 MA64011519000001205000534921
Madagascar MG No 27 MG4600005030071289421016045
Mali ML No 28 ML13ML0160120102600100668497
Mozambique MZ No 25 MZ59000301080016367102371
Niger NE No 28 NE58NE0380100100130305000268
Senegal SN No 28 SN08SN0100152000048500003035
Chad TD No 27 TD8960002000010271091600153
Togo TG No 28 TG53TG0090604310346500400070
Comoros KM No 27 KM4600005000010010904400137
Honduras HN No 28 HN54PISA00000000000000123124
Nicaragua NI No 32 NI92BAMC000000000000000003123123

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