Test IBAN Numbers

The following IBAN numbers can be used for testing purposes in the IBAN development environments. The table indicates what the expected result is for each test IBAN, such as a successful validation or a specific error.

More test numbers coming soon...

IBAN Example Valid Reason
GB33BUKB20201555555555Valid IBAN, length, checksum, bank code, account and structure
GB94BARC10201530093459Valid IBAN, bank code not found (bank cannot be identified): Valid length, checksum, bank code, account and structure
GB94BARC20201530093459 Invalid IBAN check digits MOD-97-10 as per ISO/IEC 7064:2003
GB96BARC202015300934591Invalid IBAN length must be "X" characters long!
GB02BARC20201530093451Invalid account number
GB68CITI18500483515538Invalid account number
GB24BARC20201630093459Bank code not found and invalid account
GB12BARC20201530093A59Invalid account structure
GB78BARCO0201530093459Bank code not found and invalid bank code structure
GB2LABBY09012857201707Invalid IBAN checksum and IBAN structure
GB01BARC20714583608387Invalid IBAN checksum
GB00HLFX11016111455365Invalid IBAN checksum
US64SVBKUS6S3300958879Country does not seem to support IBAN!