IBAN Validation and Calculation


The International Bank Account Number or IBAN is used in international as well as domestic payments in Europe and the world.
A fairly long string of numbers and digits, the IBAN is often a point of failure when manually entered by customers and operators alike.
When an incorrect IBAN is supplied, a payment will fail resulting in both delays and losses in bank processing fees to your business.

This is where our IBAN Validation and Calculation service comes in.
We designed this solution to provide fast and reliable payment validation for IBAN payments.


Technical documentation and integration details about API service.

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Under the hood

Key features provide a comprehensive solution for validating payment details:

  • Validate the internal check digit of an IBAN
  • Validate internal structure of an IBAN
  • Validate the length of the IBAN
  • Validate the check digits of the domestic bank codes and account numbers inside an IBAN
  • Retrieve BIC code of an IBAN
  • Convert bank code and account number to an IBAN
  • Recover an IBAN containing unreadable/unknown characters
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Integrate automated IBAN Validation engine into your CRM or ERP software.

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Simple and powerful

We have tailored key features for efficiency and flexibility when using our services:

  • Mobile friendly web interface

  • Mass/Bulk IBAN Validation

  • Mass/Bulk IBAN Calculation

  • Sub-user accounts for company employees

  • Single call REST and SOAP API

  • Low queries notifications

Use Cases

We have worked with our clients to identify some of the main use scenarios:

Data Quality

We understand the importance of having a reliable and up to date bank data when processing payments.
To ensure high-quality data, we are licensing bank lookup data from the major financial institutions and payment regulators in Europe.
Our IBAN Validation and Calculation service uses data from key institutions such as Vocalink (United Kingdom), Banque du France (France) and other national banks.

For Developers

A comprehensive documentation for our APIs is available for developers.