An even more powerful payment validation service for the United Kingdom.

If you are wandering what this service does, please first review our "UK Bank Validation" service for a simpler solution.
The BACS Extended Industry Sort Codes Directory ( EISCD for short) is the most accurate and comprehensive data source for the UK Payment Industry.


Technical documentation and integration details about API service.

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What is the difference?

This EISCD SOAP API is an extended of our UK Bank Validation service and provides over 95 individual data markers for a given sort code. You may dig deeper into the data it provides via the WSDL and developer documentation at the end of this page.

  • Check the integrity and correctness of a sort code and account number combination ( modulus check )
  • Convert Sort Code and Account Numbers to IBAN
  • Lookup bank and branch details for any sort code
  • Lookup bank and branch details for a provided IBAN
  • Lookup BIC code of a given sort code
  • Detect FPS payments support
  • Detect CHAPS support
  • Detect Direct Debit support
  • Detect CC&C Payments
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Integrate automated UK Payment Validation engine into your CRM or ERP software.

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Simple and powerful

Supported API methods:

  • search_eiscd
  • validate_account_uk
  • gen_uk_iban
  • search_eiscd_by_iban

Use Cases

Our clients have found this service useful in some of the following scenarios:

Data Quality

We understand the importance of using reliable data sources when processing payments.
Therefore we have licensed the Extended Sort Codes Directory issued by VocaLink to ensure our service provides the most accurate and up to date information for the UK payment industry.
The EISCD data is updated weekly with the official VocaLink version.

For Developers

A comprehensive documentation for our APIs is available for developers.