BIC Validation


BIC or SWIFT codes are unique bank and branch identifiers in the banking industry.

When processing international and domestic payments, the BIC ( Bank Identifier Code ) is a critical component in routing the payments.
To ensure your funds reach the correct destination, you will need to be sure you are supplying the valid and correct BIC code.
The BIC Validation service provides access to the constantly updated BIC Directory.


Technical documentation and integration details about API service.

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Under the hood

The BIC Validation service is designed to provide easy access and excellent performance:

  • Lookup bank and branch data by a BIC code

  • Lookup BIC codes by bank name

  • Identify operationally active from inactive BIC records

  • Check historical records to track BIC record changes

  • Check entity status for FileAct, FIN, InterAct systems

  • Identify entity and branch full postal address
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Simple and powerful

We have tailored key features for efficiency and flexibility when using our services:

  • Mobile friendly web interface

  • Sub-user accounts for company employees

  • Single call REST based Simple API ( providing basic bank details)

  • Single call REST based Extended API ( providing full records from the BIC Directory )

Use Cases

As with other payment validation methods, the BIC Validation finds a variety of applications:

Data Quality

With the dynamically changing bank industry BIC code allocations are constantly updated.
By using data licensed by S.W.I.F.T SCRL, the official regulator of BIC codes, our clients can rely on the latest and most accurate data available on the market.

For Developers

A comprehensive documentation for our APIs is available for developers.

REST BIC Validation API Documentation
XSD Schema Extended API